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Skin Care Gift Box

Why Soothing Box is my Favorite Skin Care Gift Box!

I have tried many amazing, great, and cute gift box set. Soothing box is one of the best in terms of the natural ingredients and beautiful scents. I want to show you what Soothing Box offers, so I grabbed all of my favorite everyday products and took a beautiful picture for you. So please enjoy and read it!

Before we start, I must say that I have oily/dry skin. All the time. No matter the season. I am a working woman who runs a hectic business schedule, so finding a good skin care product that will give me peace of mind and soothes my soul while perfecting my skin.

What I look for in products are natural ingredients, beautiful scented essential oils, the smooth effects it leaves on the skin.

1. Pro Age Natural and Organic Facial Moisturizer

Wow wow wow this stuff is good! It moisturizes but it doesn’t leave your skin feeling super oily. I can’t get through the winter without this facial cream. Don’t believe me? Just read all the amazing reviews. There’s a reason people love this stuff!

2. Pro Age Natural and Organic Body Moisturizer

Another moisturizer, but this is for your body. The difference? Is that this cream is thicker. Highly infused with Organic Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera and Vanilla Extract for an amazing aroma. Perfect for daily application!

3. Aromatic Bath Soak with Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals

This bath soak is made of Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals infused with Lemon and Orange Essential oils. The Himalayan Salt is perfect addition to your bath because of its many benefits. These benefits include balancing body PH, improving skin hydration, providing trace minerals to your body, reducing muscle cramps, supporting hormone and blood pressure balance, and many other benefits to the body. Both Lemon and Orange Essential oils are added for cleanse, purification, and for nourishment the skin.

4. Aromatic Sugar Scrub

I use this in the shower as an exfoliate and it is so good! It smells like heaven and I noticed a difference in my skin within a few days of using it. It helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars.

5. Aromatic Soaps

These soaps are also infused with coconut oil and Shea Butter and scented with Lavender Essential oils and lavender seeds. Lavender Essential Oil is perfect for relieving tension and anxiety, so you can wash away all your worries! I use this in the shower and it smells wonderful and leaves my skin feeling so so soft!

In conclusion, I’m a fan of everything Soothing Box has and will continue to try more products as they come. I hope this was helpful!


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