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What is the best Anti Aging Face Cream. 
If you are looking for the best anti ageing face cream available, you may be surprised to learn that there is no BEST anti-ageing face cream. No matter what you use or wear, it’s important that you first realize and accept that ageing is a natural process, which cannot be stopped but at the most, can be slowed down.
All this hype about anti-ageing is fuelled by the society as everyone looks for new and better ways to look young and beautiful. However the secret to staying beautiful lies in accepting that ageing is part of life, and that you look beautiful only if gracefully accepting it. You need to work at maintaining your looks by using organic and natural products to keep you looking beautiful, and then wear your age with experience.



A very important means of looking and staying young is with proper hydration, meaning drinking lots of water and using a proper moisturizer for your skin.
Water is an integral part of the body’s biochemical and cellular processes. Water will help eliminate toxins from the body, for structural support and even as a thermal regulator in the body. With water playing so many essential roles in the body, it’s quite natural it has a direct anti-ageing effect. The more water you drink, the more efficiently it performs all these processes to keep your skin, body and mind healthy.
Besides, water is important for your skin too, which contains about 64% water. While you may be concentrating on looking young, your skin has much more to do than just look young for you!
It is your body’s barrier against external toxins like chemicals, it regulates your body temperature and regulates the body water content by controlling the loss of water from the inside of the body to the outside through the skin’s top most layer.



Effects of improper hydration

 So if you don’t hydrate yourself, you end up with dry, itchy, flaky skin which may look and feel rough, lack visible radiance and thus make you look old. Dry skin slowly loses its soft and flexible characteristics and may crack to give way to infections. There is also an increased chance of dehydrated skin developing visible wrinkles.


Natural moisturizers

Organic Coconut oil is an effective moisturizer thanks to its unique combination of fatty acids. Coconut oil penetrates deep into the skin to moisturize and provide it with necessary nutrients to remain hydrated. Moreover, while moisturizers with water provide temporary hydration and evaporates, coconut oil provides for longer lasting moisturizing without the greasy feeling.
So if you are looking for the best anti ageing face cream, it’s better to look for a cream with ingredients that emphasize on hydrating your skin like coconut oil. Creams with other fancy ingredients may have a lovely and exotic name, but don’t prove that worth at moisturizing your skin and providing any anti-ageing benefits.





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