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Do you need a night cream?

So you make it a point to get your eight hours of beauty sleep every day. While sleep does help with your beauty, applying some night cream (and not just any cream) before crawling under the covers does wonders to help you get your dream complexion.

You may wonder if you really need to use a night cream as all the hype is about applying a day-time moisturizer to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays and daily grind. You naturally wonder why you need to waste money on night cream, when all you will be doing after applying it, is sleeping in your comfortable bedroom.

What does a night cream do?

Night creams are generally thicker than day creams as they have a higher concentration of active ingredients to moisturize and hydrate your face. When you apply a night cream on your face at the end of the day, it soothes your tired skin and gives it some complexion while improving your skin texture.

It also boosts collagen production and improves the skin elasticity to give you silky, young and smooth skin with minimal signs of aging. In addition to all this, the best night creams improves the blood circulation to ensure your skin remains healthy all the time.

How to choose a night cream 

It’s easy to find night creams as they are available everywhere; at supermarkets, drugstores and internet. While all of them promise to give you youthful skin, not all of them actually deliver what they promise. This is why you need to choose your product wisely, keeping these points in mind:

  • Look for products with natural ingredients, like Soothing Box skin products, and not for anything with fancy ingredients. Check the label and look for natural ingredients like organic coconut oil and aloe Vera. These ingredients proved to be the most effective for best results!

  • Read reviews for different night creams to find out if users found the cream useful, or if they had any side effects. Never believe creams that make false, high claims. The brands that make realistic promises are more realistic and acceptable.

  • Soothing Box Pro Age Facial Moisturizer, can be used anytime during the day and at night before you sleep. The ingredients in Soothing Box products help nourish and heal your skin over night, so there is no need to purchase a separate night cream that might not work for you. This is all in one product!

Remember, whichever night cream you buy, you need to give it time to get results as you can’t expect any miracle to happen overnight. You need to ardently apply your product every night for days and weeks before you start seeing changes.


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