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Age defying ingredients 
You look at the mirror, and you notice fine lines creeping into your face. This is nothing alarming as everyone goes through the aging process. It happens to you and me, and everyone else around you.
Just as the clock doesn’t stop, these bodily changes will take place. While it’s not possible to stop the aging process, you can at least do your best to slow it down by using skin care products containing age defying ingredients like coconut oil and aloe Vera, like the skin care product range from Soothing Box.
It’s not surprising that aloe Vera and coconut oil are called age-defying ingredients as they come with many benefits, which is why they are popular ingredients in both commercial and DIY body lotions. They offer various skin care benefits when used alone, or when used together at the same time.
While aloe Vera is a succulent plant containing large amounts of water, coconut oil is pure oil. Though oil and water don’t normally mix, it’s possible to mix aloe Vera gel and whipped coconut oil as its consistency binds the mixture together.
Aloe Vera skin care benefits
Humectants work at binding water to the stratum corneum (skin’s outermost layer) by drawing moisture from the environment and carrying it to the skin’s deeper layers. Aloe Vera is wonderful natural humectants that quickly penetrate deeply into the skin to hydrate the skin’s surface and lower levels.
The plant also contains antioxidants like Vitamins E and C and beta carotene, which fights the free radicals in the body and helps fight the aging process to give you a more vibrant complexion.
Aloe Vera is also effective at reducing scars and stretch marks and for treating minor burns and sunburns. Its soothing qualities help sooth irritated skin and rashes while hydrating and rejuvenating your skin. It’s moisturizing properties also helps keep your skin firm.
Coconut oil skin care benefits
While coconut oil on its own is greasy, it makes a great body lotion when whipped to a fluffy, solid and light consistency. Once applied to the skin, it quickly gets absorbed, which is why only a small amount is sufficient to cover the skin.
Coconut oil helps your skin in many ways. Most important, it’s a natural moisturizer making it great age-defying ingredient that slows down the skin’s aging process.  It is an emollient, which makes your skin soft and pliable. It not only lubricates your skin but also reduces flakiness to improve your skin’s overall appearance.
It is especially good for dry skin by softening it as coconut oil is a saturated fat and a medium chain fatty acid. It is these fats that retain the skin’s moisture content by restricting the loss of moisture through the skin pores. Besides, the fatty acids capric/caprylic and lauric acids have strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties which protect your skin from microbial infections.
Coconut oil also contains vitamin E, which is essential for healthy skin growth, repair and wear and tear to help keep your skin smooth and prevent it from cracking. Its antioxidant properties also help prevent premature aging and skin wrinkles.
Coconut oil is also rich in proteins which help rejuvenate and keep your skin healthy both internally and externally. Besides, the proteins also help contribute to optimal skin cell health and tissue repair.  
The most important reason for using coconut oil on the skin is because unlike other oils, it doesn’t turn rancid. So it works for a longer time when applied to the skin.
With aloe Vera and coconut oil offering so many skin and age defying benefits, it’s obviously better to use products containing them like Soothing Box products in your anti-aging endeavours!
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Photographer: Halstan Williams. Hair: Ceelie Babcock. Makeup: Ashlee Rice


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